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Do you want to get ahead of the pack and use mobile apps to create a competitive advantage for your organisation? We provide a range of options and technologies to best suit your business needs in the long term.

Deploy mobile apps that give your business a head start.

Empower your employees

Are your field staff carrying clipboards with paper forms to capture data and then double-entering them at the end of the day? Imagine equipping these people with a mobile device and an app that was developed specifically to support their workflow throughout the day. With a tailor-made enterprise app you can give them access to your back-end systems, publicly available services such as Google Maps, device features such as sign-on screen, camera and GPS as well as some conditional logic at each stage of their work process. Imagine the benefits in terms of productivity gain and availability of real-time data throughout your organisation!

Cost-effective mobile app development

It is expected that large organisations will have anywhere up to 100 app projects by 2020. Going about this in the traditional way of having native apps developed for each of the operating systems is not sustainable. It is too slow, too inflexible and ultimately too expensive. Here is where you need a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform which allows you to rapidly and cost-effectively create HTML5-based apps that can read and write to your back-end systems and automatically format and deliver the content to any device.

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Your organisation is unique

In order to turn your unique strengths into a competitive advantage you need tools and processes that are particular to you. Then why would you settle for the same generic apps that forces you to work like everyone else? Although there is a place for off-the-shelf apps, you will want to make sure that the work processes that really make a difference for your organisation are supported by custom apps that are optimised to your organisations particular strengths.

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